Kleiss Super Stove


With the continual climb of energy costs, Americans are always looking for ways to get more for their dollar when it comes to heating their homes.  The uncertain future and ecological concerns surrounding fuel oil, natural gas, propane and other fossil fuels make them less attractive and more expensive than ever. 

Finally, after 20 years in development, there is a new choice for an ecologically sound, highly efficient, and inexpensive way to heat your home.  The Kleiss Super Stove.  It is the first wood-burning, indoor stove to achieve 90% efficient use of normal, easy available, renewable wood. 

When most people think of using wood to heat their homes, they think of sooty clouds of smoke rising from the chimney.  They think of needing cord after cord of wood every year.  They think of maintenance and cleaning chores associated with a smoky fire.  And why wouldn’t they?  After all, outdoor wood boilers can have an efficiency of as low as 10-30%!  An indoor wood stove, without constant and careful  user adjustment, might achieve 20-50% efficiency.  Where does the remainder of that efficiency go?  It’s thrown away by the chimney, wasted as dark, creosote-building smoke.

These concerns have all been addressed with the Kleiss Super Stove.  What makes it different?

  • An intelligent control system that is push-button simple.  You simply set up your kindling and wood, light it, wait for the system to alert that it has achieved stability, and close the door.  The electronics package handles everything else
  • 90% efficient use of your wood.  Only about 10% of the wood you buy will not heat your home.  With our optional heat-exchanger add on, you can reclaim heat that would otherwise travel up the stack and out of the home, without impeding your draft or airflow.  Where most woodstoves exhaust the burning gases, the Kleiss Super Stove recirculates them and constantly adjusts itself to provide an optimum fuel to air mixture.  This results in near-complete combustion.  It's possible to get 8 times as much heat from your wood by using the Kleiss Super Stove as opposed to an old style outdoor wood boiler.  Which would you rather buy, stack, and store?  One cord of wood, or eight? 

One standard cord of wood (a stack that is four feet high, four feet wide, and eight feet long) has as much heating potential as 175 gallons of fuel oil.  Wood typically costs $140 per cord, for a cord that is cut, split, and ready to be used.  Assuming your fuel oil furnace is 95% efficient (it probably isn’t), the same amount of heat from fuel oil would cost you $612!

You also don’t need to load more wood into the Kleiss Super Stove continuously.  On chilly days, you can set a low burn rate, start your fire, and have a gently burning fire and heating coals for up to 8 hours with only a few small logs!

On the coldest days, when you want to warm the house up quickly, you can set a high burn rate and achieve maximum heat output as quickly as possible. 

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of wood means never having to worry about keeping the thermostat on 67 degrees Fahrenheit ever again.  For pennies, you can keep your home as warm as you see fit.

  • Nearly smoke free.  Once the Kleiss Super Stove reaches its optimum temperature (in as low as 7 minutes with dry, seasoned wood), you’ll only see waves of heat shimmer from your chimney.  Not only does this show how little of your wood is being wasted, it keeps your chimney clean, keeps the neighbors happy, and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere with hydrocarbons.

  • Simple to operate, simple to maintain.  The Kleiss Super Stove doesn’t need costly maintenance, expensive special fuels like wood pellets or fire logs.  It will burn dry, seasoned wood or the wet oak tree that fell down in your yard this summer with equal efficiency.  The only maintenance involved is cleaning out the ashes … and with the complete combustion cycle, you won’t have to do that nearly as often as with a traditional woodstove.

Also, consider that you don’t have to maintain the fire constantly.  The intelligent controller manages the entire process for you.  It detects when you add more wood, adjusts the air flow automatically for an optimal burn process, and will re-light itself automatically should the flame go out.  For example, you can let the Kleiss Super Stove burn its fuel load down to coals, gently warming your home, and add more wood hours later … the stove will detect this, and relight the fire for another full burn cycle.

  • Safety.  The Kleiss Super Stove is safe to use, and has a number of failsafe devices built into the design.  The door detects when it is opened, there is an auto-shutdown feature, and the stove is never allowed to go over a safe operating temperature.

  • Electronically controlled.  The Kleiss Super Stove uses a computer controlled air valve system, temperature and event monitoring system.  This system is driven by a small 12v battery, assuring you that even if the power goes out for an extended period of time, you’ll be able to heat your house in the most efficient way possible, with the most readily available fuel.
  • Ecologically friendly.  With the Kleiss Super Stove, you’re heating your home with a completely renewable resource … wood.  There’s no finite supply, no worries about the potential ecological damage of fracking or oil drilling and shipping, and you’re using nearly every single ounce completely, without waste.  You and your family can rest assured that heating your home will always be possible, always be cheap, and always be pleasant.

  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing.  The Kleiss Super Stove is the size of a typical woodstove, finished in a matte-black, and offers a tough, generously-sized ceramic glass viewing pane.  With the complete combustion cycle, the Kleiss Super Stove offers a wood fire experience like no other.  During the initial warm-up cycle, the flames look like a normal wood fire.  However, once the optimum temperature is attained and the combustible gases are recirculating and burning, it shifts into a fire of ethereal, other-worldly beauty.  You’ll see ghostly, blue-tinted flames dancing lazily across the surface of your wood.  Flames that seem liquid and gentle as they roll along the logs.  There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of the Kleiss Super Stove on the coldest of winter days with a mug of coffee and a good book.

  • Service and support.  You won’t be forgotten about when you purchase a Kleiss Super Stove.  We’re happy to answer all of your pre and post purchase questions, support you throughout your installation plans, and if anything goes wrong with it, we’ll repair it for free in the first five years of ownership.  You’ll also have access to upgrades and modifications as they become available.


Is there anything else I should know?  Of course.  One thing to consider is the placement of your new Kleiss Super Stove.  If your home already has an existing forced-air heating system, consider locating your stove’s hearth near a cold-air return.  This way, you can maximize heat transfer to the rest of the house by simply turning on the forced-air fan of your old system.  Additionally, there is an optional heat-exchanger stack for the Kleiss Super Stove to gather and focus the heat that would normally exit the chimney.  This can also be redirected to the rest of your home, for a more efficient way to heat evenly and quickly.

Can the Kleiss Super Stove really heat my entire house?  Yes, in fact, in our prototype testing phase, one of the units was installed in Northwestern Wisconsin, with temperatures dropping to -30F for over a week.  At full burn rate, the Kleiss Super Stove was able to keep the 2000 sq. ft. home above 78F while using just an armload of wood.

How can I keep it running all day and night?  We have plans for heat storage in the future, to store the heat produced by your Kleiss Super Stove and distribute it evenly throughout the day.  For the immediate future, the Kleiss Super Stove is intended to be supplemental to your existing heating solution.  However, if you maintain your home’s temperature at a low, safe temperature of 50F when it is unoccupied, and utilize the Kleiss Super Stove when the home is occupied, it will still drastically increase your comfort and seriously reduce your heating bills.  If someone is home during the day, the Kleiss Super Stove could very well be your sole heating solution.

Would the Kleiss Super Stove be appropriate for a cabin?  Yes!  Though electronically controlled, the Kleiss Super Stove uses a battery system for its electronics.  The battery can easily be charged by a small solar panel.  A small cabin will require very little wood for fuel … you won’t have to keep stacks and stacks of wood anymore for weekend getaways and hunting trips, yet you’ll be warmer than ever before.

What is the Kleiss Super Stove constructed from?  The Kleiss Super Stove is constructed of high quality stainless steel, high-temperature ceramic glass, and is developed, designed, constructed and sold in the U.S.A. using American labor.